There are tons of helpful web sites out there. We’ll try and put the best here:

The iPad As:
A great site that provides apps / ideas based on what you want kids to do – “I want my students to annotate course readings on the iPad”

25 Ways To Use iPads In The Classroom by Degree of Difficulty
A list of ways to Consume / Collaborate / Produce from easiest to hardest

Jen’s Gems Must Have Primary Apps
A huge list specifically for younger kids

iPad User Guide
A PDF from the Apple Support page

iPads: Personally, Educationally and Just for Fun
A nice list of stuff from KSU prof Cyndi Dahner Kuhn

The Complete List of iPad Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials
A very comprehensive list

Getting Started with iPads
Always changing, always a work in progress

Quick List: iPad Resources
Go-to resources when people ask about iPads in the Classroom.

Bloom’s Apps / Bloom’s Taxonomy with Apps
A couple of sites with a selection of apps aligned to the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy

Apps in Education
Nice site with useful apps in a variety of content areas

iPads in Schools LiveBinder
Tons of resources

Exploring the Impact of iPads
Teacher blog with several pages of school friendly apps

Bloomin’ iPad
Kathy Schrock’s site that target the various levels of the new Bloom’s Taxonomy

iPad Resources for Administrators
A huge list of apps – some free, some paid but all good

iPad Resources iCan Use
An extensive LiveBinder