My laptop is lonely

Since I received a new iPad, my laptop has become very lonely.  I find myself carrying my iPad everywhere I go.  I prefer to use it because it is so portable.  I find there are a lot of things it replaces and it keeps everything I need in one spot.

Here are a few things I’ve done in the past week with my iPad.

  • Updated my calendar
  • Read a book on my Kindle app Skimmed an article online
  • Wrote and published this blog
  • Sent a tweet
  • Changed my Facebook status
  • Used my highlighted app for key points in the Common Core State Standards document
  • Played a little solitaire
  • Took notes from a webinar
  • Checked all three email accounts in one location
  • Ordered books
  • Enrolled my child in summer classes
  • Used maps feature to plan my route to a professional development day
  • Skyped a friend
  • Piped in music on Pandora
  • Read the newspaper
  • Downloaded documents into folders for later retrieval
  • Previewed a Prezi online

I do still like my laptop, but it is more of a relationship of respect now. The one thing it does offer is a little bit of warmth and I suppose I could use it as a foot rest when I am using my  iPad!


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