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Study finds better learning with iPads

A recent report from the NAACE suggests that appropriate use of iPads can improve learning and teaching. The results are based on a single school and a small number of participants but it’s still an interesting read. Get the full report here

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39 Sites for Using iPads in the Classroom

39 Sites for Using iPads in the Classroom by Julie Greller  How Much Did Steve Jobs Change the World? You might be reading this on your iPhone, iPad or computer, but whether or not you have a Macintosh or a PC, Steve

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iPads Make Better Readers, Writers

Once upon a time teachers stood in front of a blackboard writing letters of the alphabet with chalk and drilling students to develop literacy skills. But now that children are growing up with laptops, streaming video, and even iPads, what’s

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Many US Schools Adding iPads

A recent USA Today article highlights the trend of schools adding iPads rather than netbooks or laptops. Read more below: —- For incoming freshmen at western Connecticut’s suburban Brookfield High School, hefting a backpack weighed down with textbooks is about

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6 Reasons Why We Should Be Using iPads

Vineet Madan, vice-president of McGraw-Hill Higher Education eLabs, spends time developing ways that technology can improve learning among college and university students. He recently talked about the reasons why iPads are ready for the college classroom. K-12 schools across the

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