Angry Birds Teaching Math, Science and History

Kelly Tenkely has an awesome site over at iLearn Technology. She taught elementary grades for years and worked as technology integration specialist.

And she loves Angry Birds.

She recently posted some ideas of how to use Angry Birds as an instructional tool in a wide range of elementary content areas. Be sure to head over and read the full description but here’s just a little taste of what you’ll find.

I set up 3 stations of learning and exploration.   In the first station students found Angry Birds on the iPads (now also available on the Internet in Chrome here), guiding questions, sticky notes and books on the history of catapults and simple machines.  Guiding questions were on chart paper and invited kids to join in the question asking by jotting down their own “wonders” on sticky notes and adding them to the chart questions.  At this station students “tested” Angry Birds and were asked to consider energy, force, acceleration, speed, angle and distance as they played.  Kids had fun with this, I anticipated that they would stick strictly to the  iPad and Angry birds but all of the kids looked through the books at some point.  There was a lot of talk about strategy, what they noticed about angle and how far to pull back on the different levels to get the bird to reach the target.

Head over to get more great ideas on how to use one of the most popular mobile games as part of your instruction!

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